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Product Care

General Care

All Sunwise® eyewear comes with a specially designed Sunwise® microfibre pouch for both cleaning and glasses storage. Washing your lenses after each use with cold tap water and drying with the Sunwise® Microfibre pouch will preserve the optical quality. It is suggested to maintain a clean Sunwise® Microfibre pouch by hand washing and air-drying on a regular basis.


Care for Sunwise Premier Lenses

Wiping your premier lenses with the Sunwise® microfibre pouch after each use will preserve the optical quality. When not in use store Sunwise® premier models in a cool, dry place.


Lens Standards

Sunwise® sunglasses offer 100% UVA & UVB protection against invisible ultra violet rays, conforming to the European and British sunglasses standard IS012312; personal protection equipment for general purpose.


Class 1 – superior optical quality lenses. The Sunwise® CE mark guarantees this compliance


The innovative Sunwise® Chromafusion® 2.0 anti-fog photochromic light reactive lenses offer effective balanced sun protection and light control


Perfect for any outdoor activities


The Polafusion® range offers a unique polarised lens system, impact resistant whilst filtering out potentially damaging light, providing vivid colour contrast and anti-glare.


All Sunwise® polycarbonate lenses offer high definition vision quality, together with anti-glare polarised lenses providing visual comfort and preventing eye strain, squinting and headaches. Warning: sunglasses should not be used to view the sun directly.


Changing Lenses

Please see the below image on how to change your Sunwise® interchangeable lenses.

If the image doesn’t show click here to view it.



Replacement Eyewear Parts

Some Sunwise® parts can be changed or replaced and will be clearly noted in the product description. If you are unsure please email us at Do not attempt to remove parts before checking as this will void warranty.


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