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About Us

The Award Winning Brand
Sunwise Sunglasses, the Oxford UK based British eyewear brand was established in 1996 and since then developing into a globally recommended sports eyewear brand. Its success in multiple sports & outdoor sectors has fuelled the launch of new innovative and exciting sunglass ranges.

Each Sunwise design is driven by passion for sports & outdoor and inspired by Great British culture with a touch of fashion. The Sunwise brand provides cost effective and build quality British designed performance eyewear that looks good and feels good for sports, leisure and all year round use.

It’s the global sports eyewear brand that people love, trust and respect.

Market Recommendations

Market support for Sunwise has continued to grow over the years mainly from the media, customers word-of-mouth and thousands of recommendations from the public.

The brand has been approached by a wide range of media for best eyewear products features and test reviews throughout the seasons.

“A must-have for runners all year round”
Runners World

“Great for all weather & environments, these tick all our boxes.”
Men’s Running

“With Sunwise you can concentrate on your run without any distractions.”
Women’s Running

“Protection, enhanced vision and look great too”
Today’s Golfer

“Strong, lively and unique”
Wisden Cricketer

“Light, comfortable and secure”
Runners World

“Sunglasses for sports enthusiasts”
The Times

“Best Buy”
The Independent on Sunday

The brand PR coverage includes Men’s Fitness, Men’s Running, Women’s Running, Runners World, The Independent on Sunday Newspaper, The Times Newspaper, Best of British Review, British Embassy,  London Metro Newspaper, EasyJet Inflight, BBC Great British Weather TV programme, Golfer, Golf Today, Grassroots Golfer, Golf365, Golf Blogger, Golf Range News, Ladies Golf News, Golf News, Golf Monthly, The PGA Professional, Today’s Golfer, Pro Shop Europe, SGB Golf, SGB Sport, Sport Insight, Cycle Weekly, OCC Outdoor, Trail, Top Sante, All Out Cricket, Student Festival Guide, Athletic Weekly, Autosport & Optician.

Award Winning British Brand

Sunwise has been listed by the UK government as a successful case study after being awarded The Best British Export for its “Quality and Design” and for “Demonstrating Excellence in International Trade” by UK Trade & Investment. The Sunwise ranges are built with excellent quality and have proved real winners with leading UK retailers and international trade.

Your Sunwise

Word of mouth is the most important factor that contributes to the growth of the Sunwise® brand. Great levels of feedback coupled with your interest in supporting the development of Sunwise® innovative products has been the key in helping us become the brand that you love, trust and respect.

Our Location – Oxford, UK
Known for its towering spires and world famous University, that has been home to royalty and scholars for over 800 years, the city of Oxford is still today one of the most prestigious cities in the world.

As well as being home to some of the most beautiful and historic architecture it is also a fact that due to its growing hi-tech community Oxford’s present day achievements are just as impressive.

You can get a real feel of the perfect blend between traditionalism and modern day in every aspect of Oxford. Cornmarket Street, the city’s central thoroughfare, is an excellent example of Oxford’s mix of the old and the new. At pedestrian level, it is full of modern shoppers, but the few who do cast their eyes upwards are rewarded with a host of interesting buildings in a wide variety of styles from across the eras.

Oxford truly is an inspiring city and has always led from the front in terms of education, design and socialism, paving the way from some of the greatest ideas and stories ever recorded.

Where else could have been the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, or Middle Earth?

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