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Oxfordshire Cricket

Oxfordshire Cricket

As part of our partnership with the Oxfordshire Cricket Board we are happy to give all of those involved with the board a 10% discount off of our sunglasses. Simply use code OXONCB in the checkout to receive the discount. With every sale made using this code the Oxfordshire Cricket Board will receive a certain percentage of the profit that will be put towards funding in the grass roots game.

Here at Sunwise we understand the importance of keeping your eyes protected from harmful UV rays. When out in the field or waiting to bat, cricketers can go long periods of time without adequate protection and are putting their own health at risk. All of our sunglasses protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays as well as offering a level of comfort that cannot be matched.

Johnny Cater
Buckingham Town CC Oxfordshire CCC, Captain & Wicket-keeper
"These Sunwise sunglasses are superb, real clarity and great vision through the lenses. I'll be wearing these when I keep wicket as they're much clearer and brighter than the Oakley's I've been wearing."

Rupert Evans
Oxfordshire CCC Coach
"I'm not normally a sunglasses wearer, but I will be wearing these Sunwise sunglasses when i'm coaching as they're light, comfortable and I can easily follow the ball when the players are practicing as the lenses make everything so clear, brilliant."

Andrew Hicks
"I really like these Sunwise sunglasses, they're comfortable to wear and the vision through the lenses is brilliant, they offer real clarity which as an umpire is very important, i'm very happy with them.

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